The Birth of An Idea…

The CMS story begins back in 2011 and features an entrepreneur protagonist, Robert Seelig, otherwise known as our CEO and founder. In 2002, Robert left his job in corporate America to become the Director of Cemeteries for the Diocese of Oakland. Oakland’s cemetery program was at a crossroads, requiring new leadership and some serious strategic planning. Robert renovated the cemeteries and began to develop and acquire funeral homes to provide the community with a complete set of services. Upon completing this initiative, Robert knew his next calling—to provide other dioceses with these kinds of services. Thus, Catholic Management Services (CMS) came into fruition.

Since 2011, we have truly grown into a full-fledged organization, servicing the needs of numerous dioceses across the country. By incorporating best practices and delivering strategic models and shared solutions, we are addressing the complex business needs of today’s Catholic Church.