Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services


In an increasingly secular society impacted by cremation and modern traditions, the Church should still be the moral authority on all end-of-life rituals. A renewed cemetery identity is part of the solution for our Church.

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS), our national brand for Catholic cemeteries, represents our pastoral approach to serving the Catholic community. CFCS reinforces the charitable nature of Catholic cemeteries, coupling a trusted and recognizable national brand with local name recognition. The CFCS branding and programs closely align the cemetery organization to the Church’s mission while positioning the Church at the center of all end-of-life decisions.

The CFCS brand is symbolic of our mission:


-Rooted in the Church



-Serve the Living

-Authority and Resource on Funeral, Cremation and Cemetery Services

Our professional staff partners with local diocesan leadership and cemetery directors to leverage the CFCS brand, transforming declining systems into profitable entities poised to address the needs of the Catholic Church for the coming decades. This success is achieved through cemetery and funeral management, consultation, and new program implementation, along with support in functional areas including marketing, national purchasing programs, and human resources.

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