Shared. Strategic. Solutions.

The result of multiple dioceses utilizing the Catholic Management Services standard has built a dynamic model and resource for our clients. We incorporate best practices to deliver strategic models and shared solutions to meet the complex business needs of today’s Catholic Church. Our goal is to create a financially healthy and sustainable environment in areas ranging from funeral and cemetery operations to a variety of administrative functions. We support our clients in a variety of ways:

Best Practices Solutions
Catholic Management Services partners with existing management in dioceses to determine the breadth and depth of the relationship. We shape our offerings based on certain needs, and vary from narrow in scope to complete management of a diocesan cemetery organization. As part of the Catholic Church, our goal is to deliver best practices to dioceses across the nation, using a requirements-based, sliding-scale fee structure.

Management Services
Management Services integrates a three-phased approach-discovery, assessment, and implementation. The discovery phase results in a strategic business plan followed by an intensive assessment period and implementation of new policies, procedures and programs. Core management services include areas such as sales, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, information technology, capital development, strategic services and governance. Management Services is designed to work alongside existing management, or, when necessary, serve as the executive management running the organization.

Advisory Services
Advisory Services features long-term, contracted consulting versus project-based consulting. In this model, Catholic Management Services staff provides executive training, strategic direction and operational consulting while clients gain access to the wide range of available resources. Cemetery organizations receive ongoing support designed specifically to assist their management and operations.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services offers both strategic and operational consulting. Strategic consulting projects include business plans, market assessment, funeral home planning, new cemetery development, parish cemetery reviews and a variety of financial planning projects such as endowment care or trust fund review. Operational consulting projects include rules and regulation review, policy and procedure development, and other cemetery specific projects.

Partner Services
Partner Services offers Catholic cemetery organizations the opportunity to join our National Purchasing Program to receive discounts on a variety of products and services. Partners receive access to Catholic Management Services vendor programs, including vaults, bronze and granite memorials, niches, and operating supplies along with software and IT services. On average, our clients see a 10-20% savings across a broad range of categories.

Mission Acceleration 
We have developed an exciting program designed to increase overall gross sales with a clear vision on the mission of the Catholic cemeteries. By focusing on making the ministry more proactive than reactive, the Mission Acceleration Program engages the staff and leadership teams through specialized on-site training programs and support services to increase advanced planning sales performance and strengthen overall family service.
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Rapid Assessment
We have developed an approach to evaluating the opportunities within a Catholic funeral or cemetery operation. This includes interviewing staff, surveying competition and reviewing the market, all against our background of having improved numerous organizations through our management services. We approach each assessment believing firmly that there is no excuse for the Church to accept a declining role in end-of-life services.