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CMS’ Regional Director Speaks at National Association of Catholic Chaplains Conference

CMS’ Regional Director Kristin Rau presented a workshop at the National Association of Catholic Chaplains conference on April 29, 2017. The conference, titled “Hearts on Fire: Our Own Emmaus Journey,” was attended by Catholic chaplains, healthcare mission leaders, and chaplains working specifically with palliative care or hospice patients.

Rau’s workshop, titled “From Healthcare to Deathcare: An Emmaus Journey,” explored powerful ways in which chaplains can offer hope and help bring healing to families who are dealing with the death of their loved ones. The 70+ workshop participants learned how the theological journey of the Order of Christian Funerals relates to the Emmaus story from the Gospel of Luke. It also identified opportunities for ways chaplains could further support their families through this journey by assisting with funeral planning, offering burial resources, grief support and bereavement services.

Rau discussed the funeral rites and cremation in depth by applying principles from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and interweaving Scriptural references and liturgical excerpts from the Order of Christian Funerals to further the education of all who attended.