Diocese of Monterey:

A Red to Green Turnaround

The Diocese of Monterey’s Cemeteries were struggling financially and ending every fiscal year in the red, requiring the support of the Bishop. A geographically large diocese with only five diocesan cemeteries that span over 200 miles in length, Monterey was primarily an at-need provider with little emphasis made on reaching out and educating the faithful about the importance of a Catholic burial. Pre-need business was virtually non-existent, and serious cuts were being made to resources and staff. Long-time employees were seeing their hours drastically cut, causing stress and uncertainty for workers and their families.

Catholic Management Services was hired in March of 2013 in order to turn around this fraught cemetery system and help more families within the Diocese make plans for a proper Catholic burial. The first year under CMS’ helm was about stabilization, focusing on staffing issues and creating an employee culture that was centered around the mission at hand. As outreach and pre-need sales became bigger priorities, Monterey went from seeing red to green and began reaching more of its families than ever before.

By the end of fiscal year 2015, Monterey’s cemetery system had more than doubled its revenues, was able to reinstate workers who had previously seen their hours cut, and began investing in technology and modernizing family service.