Diocese of Sacramento:

Delivering Results

Over the last two years, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services of Sacramento has undergone a remarkable transformation, largely buoyed by a focus on increasing advanced planning activity. Advanced planning revenues during fiscal years 2010-2013 experienced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 10%, while gross revenues’ CAGR grew over 15% during the same period.

And the transformation doesn’t stop there. Through Catholic Management Services’ purchasing programs and an emphasis on reducing cost of goods, gross margins improved markedly from 50% of net revenues, to 80% by the end of fiscal year 2013.

In addition to a financially renovated business, the organization’s culture has experienced a major overhaul. Every role is now considered “outreach,” and is geared toward expanding the ministry and serving families.

The ministry expansion is focused around robust outreach, education, and family service programs. The Holy Angels Remembrance Program, as an example, allows the free inurnment of cremated remains within the consecrated grounds of our cemeteries. In its two years of operations, over 500 families have taken advantage of this engaging program. Such charitable works help drive a positive perception in the community as well as greater adherence to Catholic teaching.


“CMS has provided our diocese with an expert senior management team that has helped us manage the financial challenges of a changing industry. By supporting our ministry, CMS has given us the chance to concentrate on end-of-life services that meet the needs of the Faithful and sustain our rich Catholic traditions.”

~Tom McNamara
Chief Financial Officer
Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento