Archdiocese of Hartford:

Accelerating its Mission

The Mission Acceleration Program (MAP), created by Catholic Management Services (CMS), offers a formal, customized sales training curriculum, supplemented by a single point of contact, to consult on sales-related issues: hiring/on-boarding, compensation, reporting, coaching and others. It is designed to boost overall gross sales with a clear vision of the mission of Catholic cemeteries. By focusing on making the ministry more proactive than reactive, MAP engages staff and leadership teams through specialized, on-site, hands-on programs that increase advanced planning sales performance and strengthen overall family service.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA) of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Inc., was our first client to request MAP exclusively in 2015. Prior to obtaining our assistance, the CCA (which has 30 operating cemeteries and 10 major call centers) lacked arrangement rooms, a Family Service staff, a Director of Sales and a pre-need program.

In order to begin offering a pre-need program to people of the archdiocese, we worked with John Pinone, Executive Director for CCA, and his executive team to supplement its Family Service staff. Once hired, we offered MAP simultaneously to the new hires and the existing CCA team, with a new emphasis on educating and guiding families during their time of need and exceeding their expectations.

The newly united and trained CCA team began working together in Hartford on July 1, 2015; and, in their first few months post-training, added $500,000 of additional pre-need sales to their quota.

The Family Service team will continue to grow by adding Parish Outreach and team building programs, as well as building relationships with funeral homes.

“CMS has been an integral part of our team at the CCA since coming aboard. Their knowledge of the industry and ability to communicate that knowledge to our Family Service Staff has been invaluable. Our sales program is off to a terrific start and CMS has been instrumental in planning our sales strategies, working closely with our Sales Director, and training our staff. CMS doesn’t just look at what needs to be accomplished in the short term, but more importantly lays out our strategic growth plan for the upcoming years.”

~John Pinone, Executive Director
The Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA) of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Inc.