Archdiocese of Detroit:

One of the Best Success Stories in Town!

It’s no secret-Detroit has struggled with economic issues, creating a devastating personal and business climate. The Archdiocese has faced these issues along side the Catholic community at large, striving to serve those in need while balancing a healthy financial situation. Dramatic suburban flight has added to the economic challenges, making it difficult for the cemetery ministry to serve the shifting needs of the Archdiocese’s families.

Catholic Management Services began working with the Archdiocese of Detroit in 2011. Originally in a consulting role, Catholic Management Services supervised a large secular cemetery operator that provided outsourced services for the Archdiocese. 18 months later, when the relationship was no longer viable, Catholic Management Services was charged with providing full management support for the Archdiocese’s three primary cemeteries.

Although a separate not-for-profit cemetery association provides for the needs of some Catholics, the Archbishop’s goal is to serve the entire Catholic community. Catholic Management Services has supported this mission by guiding decisions about location and inventory development, returning the cemetery system to solid financial footing.

Achieving Archbishop Vigneron’s vision to serve the faithful while building financial stability was critical in the economic climate. Having weathered the storm, the cemetery organization has launched programs to communicate about Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services to the larger Catholic population, providing education about end-of-life decisions.

With our assistance, the archdiocese has also begun to play a larger role within the parish cemetery system.


“I had the pleasure to work with many of the leaders of CMS while serving as Bishop of Oakland. As a result, I was very confident about inviting them to the Archdiocese of Detroit to help reshape our cemetery ministry. As is the case in so many other dioceses in the United States, the revitalization of our cemeteries was a pressing need; and it was comforting to know that I could entrust the leadership of this ministry to them.”

~Archbishop Vigneron