Managing today’s cemeteries are more complex than ever! Catholic Management Services has a solution to help guide you through the process.

If you cannot answer these questions, we may be able to help you explore them fully.

Are your cemeteries growing revenues and net operating income-without investment income from endowments and non-operating assets?

Have you quantified the proper growth of your perpetual care liability?

Are you prepared to address the diocese’s exposure to parish cemeteries?

Do you have a proactive cemetery outreach marketing program aimed at your parishes?

Is cremation impacting your cemeteries and do you have a plan to address it?

Can your cemetery revenues grow by 15%-35%?

Once our client dioceses increase revenues by 10%, the costs associated with Catholic Management Services are neutral. Our goal is to not only grow revenues, but to complement the internal team with our highly experienced staff.

Together, we can create financial sustainability that supports the Church’s ministries for the decades to come.

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Robert Seelig, CEO