Who we are

Understanding Issues. Serving Needs.

Catholic Management Services offers strategic planning and professional services to support the mission of our client dioceses across the nation. As a Church-owned organization, we are uniquely positioned to understand its issues and, therefore, serve its needs.

We incorporate best practices to deliver strategic models and shared solutions to meet the complex business needs of today’s Catholic Church. Our goal is to create a financially healthy and sustainable environment in areas ranging from funeral and cemetery operations to a variety of administrative functions.

What we do

Best Practices Solutions

Catholic Management Services partners with existing management in client dioceses to determine the breadth and depth of the relationship. We shape our offerings based on the need, from narrow in scope to complete management of a diocesan cemetery organization. As part of the Catholic Church, our goal is to deliver best practices to dioceses across the nation, using a requirements-based, sliding-scale fee structure.

Management Services

Management Services integrates a three-phased approach-discovery, assessment, and implementation. The discovery phase results in a strategic business plan followed by an intensive assessment period and implementation of new policies, procedures, and programs. Core management services include areas such as sales, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, information technology, capital development, strategic services, and governance. Management Services is designed to work along side existing management or, when necessary, serve as the executive management running the organization.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services features long-term, contracted consulting versus project-based consulting. In this model, Catholic Management Services staff provides executive training, strategic direction, and operational consulting while client dioceses gain access to the wide range of available resources. Cemetery organizations receive ongoing support designed specifically to assist their management and operations.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services offers both strategic and operational consulting. Strategic consulting projects include business plans, market assessment, funeral home planning, new cemetery development, parish cemetery reviews, and a variety of financial planning projects like endowment care or trust fund review. Operational consulting projects include rules and regulation review, policy and procedure development, and other cemetery specific projects.

Partner Services

Partner Services offers Catholic cemetery organizations the opportunity to join our National Purchasing Program to receive discounts on a variety of products and services. Partners receive access to Catholic Management Services vendor programs including vaults, bronze and granite memorials, niches, and operating supplies along with software and IT services. On average, our clients realize 10-20% savings across a broad range of categories.


Experienced Team. Proven Track Record.

The Catholic Management Services staff has a proven track record of turning around cemetery operations, building and acquiring funeral centers and crematories, developing education and outreach programs, and implementing appropriate revenue generation programs. Because we are a Catholic Church ministry, our models are built on experience and success in dioceses across the nation.

Robert Seelig, CEO

As the founding leader of Catholic Management Services, Robert’s unique vision of creating financial sustainability at the diocese level has bridged Church ministry with operating success. After turning around cemetery services in the Diocese of Oakland, California, Robert built the operating model that we use today. With a history of building successful commercial businesses, Robert recognized the need for the Oakland Diocese to develop outreach programs and serve families as the primary driver of financial stability. As a result, the cemetery ministry serves a significantly higher proportion of Catholic families than most other dioceses and has become a major contributor to Oakland’s other ministries.

Client Services Team

Our first priority is to help our client dioceses manage their enterprises with our highly experienced team of executives. Whether it’s simply providing one-time consulting services to a Cemetery Director or using our managed services to become the succession plan for a cemetery system, dioceses across the nation rely on us.

Development Team

We offer highly specialized counsel as development advisors, partnering with established vendor relationships to develop plans that meet the unique development needs of our clients. Regardless of your next project, from renovation to major expansion or construction, our team has the experience to help.

Finance Team

It is often challenging for outside partners to understand the Church’s unique organizational, legal, and financial structures. Because we are part of the Catholic Church, our finance team can effectively translate the vision and mission of our ministries into a vocabulary the market understands. This may include help with establishing banking relationships, credit and financing, or simply working with a new audit firm to better understand our enterprises.

Operations/Administration Team

As a result of combining ministry with commercial excellence, Catholic Management Services has developed expertise in multiple business disciplines that support the Church. Although each client is unique, many have engaged us to develop or manage their Human Resources, Information Technology, or even Accounting functions.

President’s page

Managing today’s cemeteries are more complex than ever! Catholic Management Services has a solution to help guide you through the process.

If you cannot answer these questions, we may be able to help you explore them fully.

Are your cemeteries growing revenues and net operating income-without investment income from endowments and non-operating assets?

Have you quantified the proper growth of your perpetual care liability?

Are you prepared to address the diocese’s exposure to parish cemeteries?

Do you have a proactive cemetery outreach marketing program aimed at your parishes?

Is cremation impacting your cemeteries and do you have a plan to address it?

Can your cemetery revenues grow by 15%-35%?

Once our client dioceses increase revenues by 10%, the costs associated with Catholic Management Services are neutral. Our goal is to not only grow revenues, but to complement the internal team with our highly experienced staff.

Together, we can create financial sustainability that supports the Church’s ministries for the decades to come.

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Robert Seelig, CEO